The Team


Rob McLeod, known as Frisbee Rob, holds 6 Guinness World Records (2 of them with Davy), 12 Frisbee World Championships (4 of them with Davy) and is the exclusive thrower to Davy. Rob and Davy are best friends. With Davy often at his side, Rob has spoken to thousands of children and teachers in schools across the country. He has worked hard to develop a theme that children understand and which is helpful to teachers and parents.


A widely published writer of fiction and non-fiction, Olyn has won numerous awards for editing and publishing. Rob and Olyn met through dog disc. She has a crazy blue-eyed border collie who, like Davy, loves Frisbee. She also has two children and understands the importance of children’s books and positive messages.


When Lais Rumel joined the team, she brought her knowledge of how to help children resolve conflicts with their peers through her training in education and experience as an elementary school teacher. Lais talked about the importance of teaching values to young learners, especially when helping them develop and maintain healthy relationships.


Shannon is well known for her exceptional and delightful dog illustrations which are commissioned internationally. Shannon is a super busy Illustrator, they hoped she would have time to work with them. When she said yes, they were elated.


Kelly is passionate about dogs and design so having her design our book makes perfect sense. She believes in what we are doing and has been a huge help in working out the various self-publishing options.